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How Manufacturers Can Cut Sales Cycles in Half in Today's Market

Capitalize on How the Buying Process Has Changed for Manufacturers B2B manufacturing has historically been among the slowest industries to adapt to technological change. This was true even with high-tech and startup manufacturing companies. Historically, the buying process typically involved lots of sales touches and business development. Trade shows, events, golf outings, nice dinners, and so forth were essential parts of selling.

6 Biggest Marketing Mistakes B2B Manufacturers Make

Manufacturers occupy an interesting position in the B2B supply chain. Manufacturers of higher-tech and higher-ticket items in particular face unique challenges: they sell to exacting, demanding buyers. In the past, simply having a great product was often enough to gain traction and grow.

Why Selling Services to Attorneys is So Hard (and How to Make it Easier)

As a legal service provider, one of your most important buyers is attorneys. So, you know how hard it is to find, close, and win new business with them. In fact, marketing and selling forensics or any other professional technology service to attorneys is very likely one of the hardest customers you could possibly sell to. The difficulty selling to attorneys is primarily driven by 5 factors:

6 Must-Haves in a Marketing Communications Agency For Small Businesses

It's easy to come to the decision that your business needs the help of a marketing agency, but finding one that checks all of the boxes can be daunting.

Crafting an Individualized Marketing Plan for Your B2B Company

This article is the sixth and final part of a six-part series exploring the key parts of The Framework from Aspire™. A well-crafted marketing strategy is essential to achieve your business goals in the highly business competitive world. You can increase revenue growth by leveraging strategic planning. The key to success is a marketing plan that is fully customized to meet your specific needs. This article will examine the steps to creating a custom marketing plan for B2B companies that allows them to reach their goals with confidence.